Apple iPhone in UK by November 9th

The Apple iPhone has officially been declared to be released in the UK and the tentative date which is given for its launch is November 9. And all the eyes are anticipating its arrival because it has been a smash hit in the US and the hype which was created for Apple iPhone is also pretty high. Apple iPhone received a grand welcome in the US. The device is reported to have sold more than 1 million Apple iPhones in the US and now it is all set to conquer the mobile phone market of UK.

Apple has made O2 network as their official partner and so the crowd is going gaga over it and they have begun to line up outside the O2 shops for the queries. And to dispel all the hopes of the mobile phone users, Apple is selling its US model in UK. So, it is pretty familiar with the users. The users have been entrapped by the charm of this gadget. However, Apple iPhone has also not been bereft of an enormous criticism which is leveled against it. The users were looking forward to find the 3G application in the iPhone and they couldn't find. Also, Apple iPhone has been accused that it is very difficult to lock. Also, the complete touch interface has also received a lot of criticism along with the appreciation.

The sources state that the iPhone in UK would be an 8GB version of the same. Some are also equating it with Nokia N95 8GB which is also slated for November release. The price of Apple iPhone would be around 269 (400 approximately). The contract would be of 18 months which would of couse be available with O2. So Apple iPhone would be one of the most expensive handsets from the O2. O2 also plans to attract customers with its special tarifs which come as free EDGE data and attractive Wi-Fi offers with the whole deal.

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