Downloading Music and Videos For an iPhone

In the last 5 years, Apple has gone from strength to strength. Its products have increased in popularity at an exponential rate, and itís mostly thanks to the iPodís success. However, it seems that the iPodís popularity has also helped Appleís other products gain market shareófor example, the iBooks (laptops) which now enjoy a 16% share of the laptop market in the United States.

Now, itís time for a new Apple product to shape the companyís image. The long anticipated iPhone was released in the United States in mid 2007, and with a recent price drop of US$200, the product is expected to make close to 1 million sales per month for the next 12 months (according to market analysts, not Apple).

If youíre like me, and youíre one of the early adopters of Appleís iPhone, you may feel some anger towards the company for its iPhone price drop, which we missed out on. Yet, Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) claims itís the price you pay for being an early adopter of technology, and I must agree with him. Yet, it is clear the price drop, although expected, did come too soon.

Another negative issue surrounding the iPhone is the AT&T contract that it comes with. A lot of people donít see why they should be forced to sign up with a specific cell phone provider if they want the iPhone handset. And although there is a way of unlocking the iPhone, users should not have to go down this path, it should be something that wasnít an issue to start off with.

But wait! Letís not be too negative, all this bad publicity around the iPhone is far outweighed by the fact that the iPhone is a magnificent gadget, itís sleek and sexy and everyone wants one. Chances are, you either have one or want one too. If youíve recently purchased an iPhone, you may be also new to the iPod experience in general (because of course, an iPhone is also an iPod). So you may not be totally comfortable with the idea of downloading music and videos from the webóluckily, itís not hard. Check out this info page for all the required info on downloading music and videos for an iPhone.

Julian Macellino is a tech head and a student of IT. Check out his website for some essential information on downloading music and videos for an iPhone.