Free Tips, Tricks and Resources for Your iPhone

If you are anything like me and own an iPhone, then you want to find anything and everything you can possibly do with it. Here are a few tips, tricks and resources that you might find useful for your iPhone.

All iPhone users, at least the ones that haven't unlocked their iPhone, are AT&T wireless customers. There are some really convenient tips on checking your bill balance, paying your bill, viewing your minutes and using voice connect.

The most useful and sometimes painful of all these little tricks is probably checking your bill balance. To get your bill balance without going through the hassle of getting online or actually calling AT&T, you can just dial *225# and you will get a text message either in a few minutes or immediately giving you the date the bill is due and how much you owe (and you don't get charged for the text message).

To pay your bill without any hassle, all you have to do is dial *729 and you will be directed to an automated system (not my favorite tip, but it is helpful regardless) in which you can pay your bill with your desired payment method.

Another cool tip for view your minutes, you dial *646#, and you will be sent a text message much like when you check your bill balance. Once again you will not be charged for this text message (which is my favorite part) and you can view your used and available minutes for the current month.

Now we come to voice connect, where you dial *08 and you will connected to a lot of automated information like world news. sports, quotes and much more. The coolest thing about this iPhone feature is it is all voice controlled as in, you just say "sports" and it will eventually lead you towards your favorite sports team information (personal favorite).

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