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Snicker snicker...Laugh your way to good health. Who ever said laughter is the best medicine must have really laughed his way out of the hospital bed going crazy over the huge medical bill.

So have you had your laughs for the day? If not, now is the time. Just log on to the web and you will come across so many jokes, that you will be spoilt for choice. There are categories ranging right from kiddy jokes to the much appreciated adult ones. My personal ones are the blond jokes. So what if blonds are sexy, it’s more important for the lady to provide you with the entertainment, isn’t it?

Then there are the professional jokes. The categories include office, lawyer, doctor, engineer and tons of others without forgetting the fiercely funny men in uniform. But jokes on politicians and sex take the cake. All you need is just another political fiasco by our elected representatives and our very own Mr. Leno takes them apart.

Sex has been a part of our lives since time immortal and what better way of making it interesting than to take it to bed. This particular category is the most sought after on the net. And then there the ‘Yo mama’ jokes. These not only are funny, but also give you the chance to get even with your neighborhood hooligans.

Whatever purpose jokes satisfy in our lives, they are a very important part of it. So just read a few of them, unwind, enjoy and give those stomach muscles a good shake.

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