How To Efficiently Type On The Apple iPhone

Apple has designed the iPhone so that there is no physical buttons other than the one "home" button. This means that no physical keyboard is included, something that was common on almost every smart phone available today. Apple had to create an innovative new virtual keyboard that would utilize the iPhone's multi-touch technology.

Unfortunately, many of it's users have found it extremely difficult to efficiently type on the iPhone. It is designed so that typing is carried out with two thumbs while clutching the phone in both hands. Unfortunately, the iPhone's relatively small screen width means that there is little surface area for the virtual keys. This is combated by a unique keyboard that predicts what word the user is trying to spell, and enlarges the key of the letter that is next to be typed. This ensures that the user does not miss-hit the key.

It's suggested that when you first begin using the iPhone you should type using one finger. This allows you to build practice and make note of how the iPhone's virtual keyboard works. After you've used the phone for a considerable amount of time (usually around one week), you can move to two-thumb typing.

To efficiently type on the iPhone, it's best to let the predictability and auto-correct system work it's magic. Don't worry if you continually make spelling errors, the iPhone will take care of it as you type. Going back and deleting your errors before it's automatically corrected will harm your typing efficiency.

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