iPhone and SMS (Short Message Service)

iPhone an internet enabled multimedia phone having functionality of email, SMS text messaging and visual voice mail. iPhone has every other functionality like those of mobile, internet and not to mention pagers but it does not support sending and receiving of MMS (Multimedia Message Service). There is an alternative to MMS though, i.e. using picture and multimedia graphics as an email attachment. Mobile technologies are becoming integral part of today's new upcoming online trends.

A technological blend of mobile, iPod and internet technology results phone of the era iPhone. The sleek and sexy look of iPhone with touch screen functionality does add value to the iPhone. Various researches are being conducted at Google Inc. in line with iPhone and application being developed for iPhone. It won't be of a much surprise if Google opts to start related business of iPhone. iPhone along with other software gadgets combined together can be very useful for iPhone platform and would enhance online marketing and business features.

There is an ease being cited over using iPhone during winter season. As it posses the functionality of touch screen it would be indeed very difficult to use the iPhone with the gloves on. And it is indeed required to remove the gloves and use the iPhone during winter season would leave a cold freeze hand for the users. But it does not add too much of negativity as compared to the functionality and flexibility which iPhone posses.

Indeed a real phone of the era missing MMS (Multimedia Message Service). The real plus point of using iPhone is to personalize the phone with the help of many available software gadgets. iPhone could be considered as a perfect platform for Web 2.0. Although Web 2.0 is a buzz term it still is being built up slowly. The online marketing for iPhone would indeed benefit eCommerce world.


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