iPhone Finally Available To Buy Now

Apple's first iPod branded mobile phone hits the streets.

The iPhone was released in UK Apple, Carphone Warehouse and O2 stores on Friday 9th November 2007 at 6:02pm. Customers eagerly waited in line until the stores where opened and they could finally get their hands on a brand new shiny iPhone. iPhones are limited to two per customer.

As the eagerly awaited Apple iPhone is now finally here and is available to buy exclusively on O2, the hype for the new gadget just gets bigger and bigger. As mentioned previously you can only buy an iPhone through the Carphone Warehouse, Apple and o2 online and it has only three special iPhone contracts:

iPhone costs 269 on all the below 18 month tariffs.

iPhone 35 - 35 per month you get 200 minutes, 200 messages and unlimited data usage iPhone 45 - 45 per month you get 600 minutes, 500 messages and unlimited data usage iPhone 55 - 55 per month gets you 1200 minutes, 500 messages and unlimited data.

Don't worry if you are ordering online if you do not get an option to pick a tariff when you buy, this is all done when you have received the iPhone. You need to activate the iPhone through iTunes and while doing this you choose the mobile phone tariff you need.

So if you must have this years most talked about gadget order your iPhone now! Or pop it on your Christmas list and fingers crossed you will have been good enough all year to find one in your stocking on Christmas morning!

This and many other articles on mobile phones and the latest mobile phone deals was written by John Gray.

Source: www.ezinearticles.com