Nokia 6265i Review - The Latest And Last Nokia CDMA Phone

The Nokia 6265i is the latest and last CDMA phone you’ll see designed from Nokia. Earlier this year Nokia announced that it will no longer be designing CDMA phones, for one reason or another. Regardless, Nokia really knows how to go out with a bang. The Nokia 6265i is probably one of the best CDMA phones that Nokia has to offer.

The Nokia 6265i features a unique and attractive slider design. The Nokia’s top and bottom slide open and closed. When closed, the phone naturally saves space and conceals the phone’s keypad.

The 2 megapixel camera mounted on the Nokia 6265i takes excellent quality photos and decent video. The camera features flash, zoom, and night mode. Photos taken outdoors with this Nokia camera phone are said to have the best quality. The camera lens gives perfect autofocus and the quality of the pictures closely rivals that of a digital camera. Furthermore, you can easily customize your phone and use the photos you take as the background on your phone.

The screen is nice and bright TFT with 262k colors (18 bit). The resolution is good at 240 x 320 pixels.

For the latest entertainment features, the Nokia 6265 also supports video ringtones and streaming video. Interface features easily changeable font colors, which is fun too.

The Nokia 6265i gives great tone balance and will give you an average earpiece volume, though it could be a tad louder for my tastes.

The integrated memory for the Nokia 6265i is decent at around 24 mb, but you’ll probably want to expand to up to 2 GB with the mini SD slot.

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