Why You Need The PED 3 Rotating Stand For Your iPhone

A lot of people these days lead very hectic and busy lives. If you can relate to that then you will have had to master the art of multitasking. Since the Apple iPhone can help you to mult task as you have never done before you have probably found it a most useful device. Now you are able to send emails, text messages and surf the web. However, if you're constantly using your iPhone you might find having to hold it all day is becoming a bit of a chore.

This is particularly true if you are using your iPhone in the office. You will be constantly switching between your desktop computer, your office phone line and your iPhone. Trying to switch between all of these can leave your confused and may even results in a headache. Fortunately with the iPhone there are many products available to help make your life easier.

One accessory you should definitely consider getting for your iPhone is the PED 3 Rotating Stand. This gives you a complete hands free experience when using your iPhone. Wherever you are, whether it be at home or work, this will make your life so much easier. All you do is attach the iPhone to the stand and it will be held in place for you. Your hands are then free to get on with other tasks. Since the stand is especially designed for use with the iPhone it fits perfectly.

The stand has small protruding arms that hold your iPhone in place without getting in the way of the screen. This particular stand allows you to use your iPhone exactly as if you were holding it in your hand. You can even rotate the orientation of your iPhone from horizontal to vertical depending on what suits you.

You will probably find that you will want to use different orientations for different tasks. For example if you are viewing a movie you may want to turn it horizontal to enjoy the movie in full screen. If you are sending a text or an email then you will probably prefer it to be vertical.

Having this stand almost gives you an extra pair of hands. Once you have started using this stand with your iPhone you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Your hands are free to work on other tasks plus it adds extra security to your iPhone. You can rotate the stand through a full 360 degrees and there are various fixed angle positions to choose from. This stand is also very well constructed from strong steel with a baked on coating to prevent chips and scratches. The metal grips on the arms that hold your iPhone are coated in very soft rubber so as not to cause damage to your iPhone.

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