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Contemplating Buying an Apple iPhone?

As soon as the Apple iPhone’s development was announced, nothing short of a frenzy began. This little phone had been very eagerly awaited! One of the most advanced features was the multi-touch 3.5” screen. This is one of the largest screens available in mobile phones, and has certainly been seen as one of the best features of the iphone. This multi-touch screen replaces the buttons that you will find in other phones, and you will be able to use this to operate the functions of the phone. No other gadget has yet developed this particular feature.

The iphone has received lots of great reviews, and I am sure that if you are looking to buying one, then you will already have taken note of its many other features.

As it is going to cost you somewhere round $499, you will want to know whether it is a fad or not. Is it still worth buying?

Well as explained above, the main feature is the multi-touch screen, a real first in the industry. No need to be plugged into a keyboard or indeed use a stylus, simply touching the screen will be enough.

Even writing out a text message is not going to be a problem – a virtual keyboard appears on the screen! What’s more the iphone has a built in spell checker with a customisable dictionary, and uses word predict.

Are you hoping for unlimited access to the internet? If yes, then you won’t be disappointed – this is one of the many features of the Apple iPhone. The operating system and the browser are exactly the same as those used with other Apple desktops and laptops. All this, and it fits comfortably in your pocket too!

A couple of other innovative features of the iphone are that the high-tech sensors are sensitive to the phones position and will automatically rotate the screen from landscape to portrait or vice versa, depending on how the phone is being used, the display will automatically shut off when you are making a call - as if this was not enough, the sensors will detect the light around it, and adjust the brightness of the display to suit.

These are just a small indication of what the Apple iPhone can do, so if you are seriously looking for an iphone you may well find that the $499 price tag is worth it. There are also many cool iphone accessories that you can buy to really personalise your iphone. If on the other hand all of these impressive features do not have you wanting to go out and buy your very own iPhone, then it could just be that this is just not right for you.

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