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iPhone Downloads - The Best iPhone Download Program Reviewed

So you've gotten your very own Apple iPhone, right? You've added all your important contacts, surfed the net on it, and even bought a few of your favorite songs from iTunes. With iTunes, you have access to a modestly sized collection of music and video downloads, and you have to pay per download. What if you want to build up collection of movies? Or maybe you want to catch up on the latest season of Lost or Prison Break? The cost per iPhone download for each episode can really start to add up!

There's good news for Apple users like us though! Many programs exist that actually offer unlimited iPhone downloads. For a one time fee, you get access to over 100 million movies, music, TV shows, sports, games and programs. It's overwhelming to say the least, and the list grows bigger and bigger with new files added daily.

These programs were designed specifically with the iPhone in mind and will allow you to safely download and transfer various media to your phone.

I tried several different iPhone download programs until I found one that I was happy with. Out of all the programs I used, my personal favorite was iPhone Magic. It was by far the easiest program to use, and even my 9-year old daughter figured out how to find her favorite kids show with it.

I was also impressed at how fast I was up and running from the checkout, to downloading movies and games. Once I purchased a copy, I immediately received the download link and installed it. After that it was just a matter of choosing which movies, TV shows, and music I wanted to download.

A great bonus is the DVD-to-Phone software that's included with iPhone Magic. I actually converted and transferred a few home movies I had on DVD. It's a really nice feature.

Overall, out of all the programs I tried, I give iPhone Magic high praise because it is so simple to use, has a huge selection of media to choose from, and the downloads are extremely fast! The no questions asked money back guarantee sealed the deal for me. If you own one of these great phones, then you have to have a copy of this iPhone download program.

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