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Using iPod Accessories With Your Apple iPhone

When you first get your Apple iPhone it is extremely likely that you do not let your phone out of your hands for several days. This is only to be expected because a lot of people have questions about the iPhone and whether it is compatible with out electronic devices, particularly devices manufactured by Apple. One of the most common questions that arises is whether the iPhone is compatible with accessories designed for the iPod. Since this is a cell phone rather phone many people assume they are incompatible but they are hugely mistaken.

The good news is that the iPhone is compatible with the majority of accessories designed for the iPod. Another question that arises is exactly which iPod accessories can you use with your iPhone? A lot of people use their iPods not only to listen to music through the headphones but also to connect up to a speaker system to share the music with others. You may be concerned that now that you have an iPhone and won't be carrying your iPod around that you will lose the ability to do this. You will be happy to learn that the iPhone has exactly the same connectivity port as that found on the iPod and so it will connect to any iPod speaker system or car dock that you might have already purchased.

Having said that, some accessories have been changed to better suit the iPhone. You can still use regular headphones with the iPhone but if when you receive a call you would need to take the headphones out to answer the call. For this reason Apple have made a set of headphones especially for the iPhone. Not only do these headphones provide you with excellent sound quality but they also feature a microphone built into the cord. When you receive a call the song you are listening to is paused and and you can answer the call simply by pressing a small button on the microphone. Another feature of this headphones is that you will hear your calls through both ears rather than one which makes for a very unique experience.

Another advantage of the iPhone headphone set is that is adds extra safety. For example you can now take calls when you are driving since you do not need to hold the phone to your ear with your hands. For many people with busy lives this is essential as it allows them to stay in contact and drive safely at the same time. You can now take your calls and yet still keep both hands on the steering wheel and have the freedom to move your head to keep an eye on the traffic around you.

When you use the iPhone headphones you can keep talking without having to worry about holding your phone. This means that not only can you speak to business partners or friends in true stereo but you are able to remain focused on the road and not having to hold your phone.

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