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Users Top 3 Download Functions For The iPhone

You can search high and low on the internet and see rave reviews and reasons why one should or shouldn't purchase the iPhone.

The fact of the matter is that society has a "one stop shop" mentality. We want everything in one place. The iPhone has stepped on the scene and revolutionized the telecommunication industry by offering a "user's paradise."

We live in a day and age where we can have everything at the touch of a button,and with the internet we're looking to download pretty much anything.

Here are users top 3 download functions for the iPhone!

1- iPhone Supports iTunes

The iPhone stores at least 4GB of memory. Although this isn't a huge amount of memory, it is still enough to store a fair bit of music for your day to day use. You can browse through all your music in style with a lovely little interface. The combination of a phone that has full iTunes compatibility is a major selling point for the iPhone.

2- There is a YouTube player conveniently available on the home screen.

Video can be viewed in widescreen, so you can watch TV shows and films using the whole screen. iPhone has a special YouTube player that you can launch right from the home screen. So now you can access and browse YouTube videos wherever you go. And when you find a video you want to send your friends, iPhone can even create an email with the link in it for you.

Some of you think this is useless and others think it's amazing but it sure is something we never had before on our cell phone or portable device. That's why the Youtube player is so popular.

3- Visual Voice Mail

iPhone has an industry first, and it's a hassle free feature of visual voice mail. With iPhone, Apple brings many new concepts to the mobile phone world, but the "Visual Voice Mail" makes iPhone the leader in innovation.

The feature allows you to go directly to any of your messages, without listening to the prior messages. So you can quickly select the messages that are most important to you. You won't have to listen to "You have 5 new messages" or "Press 7 to delete this message" anymore.

As you can see, users can and will get addicted to the download functions for the iPhone, and as our social and technological experience steps into the next generation, Apple's iPhone is leading the way with some pretty amazing downloading features.

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