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Download iPhone Music Videos - Discover Best Sites For Unlimited iPhone Entertainment

Are you exploring Internet in the search of best sites providing unlimited Apple Iphone music, videos, games & other entertainment stuff? Here are the important factors that you should definitely keep in mind before comparing their services. When you go to any iphone downloads site, you should ask the following questions (in order) to your self.

1. Is this site popular enough ? Do check the Google PageRank!
Are you on the correct site ? Is this a trusted source from where you can start downloading your favourite iphone entertainment stuff. This is the first question we should ask to ourself. When you go to any site, do check their popularity. The best thing to check is its google PageRank. You may need to download google toolbar which displays pagerank of each site that you visit from your browser.

2. How much is the collection of media files?
This is second most important thing. If this site does not offer pretty good collection of iphone music, movies, games, etc., then you should immediately come out of it and try something else.

3. Do they offer money back guarantee?
This is third most important factor. After you know that this site is popular and also has a good collection, you should make sure that they offer a money back guarantee of good length. You can not judge everything about a site without actually joining it.

4. How much is the price?
Now you should check how much price they are offering ? Price should be reasonable. Most of the good sites offers the one time price as low as $49.95. This is the standard price and you should not join any service offering more than this.

5. How is the customer support?
Ideally you should never get a chance to ask this question to your self. If you need to ask, then go for suggestion number 3, i.e. get your money back now. There is no point in joining a service where you always need customer support. The site should always work, its downloading speed should be good, and also it must be easy to operate.