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Apple iPhone Review - An Overview of the New iPhone From Apple

Are you ready to take your cell phone to the next level? If so, then you've got to check out the iPhone from Apple. This incredible device features not only a phone but also a widescreen iPod and Internet communication device which puts the world at your fingertips with email, browsing capabilities, maps at the ready, and much more. Another cool feature is the touch-screen, which lets you make selections by simply touching the screen. Let's look at each main feature of the iPhone in more depth.

The phone itself lets you organize and store your phone numbers and call them by touching the number on the screen. You can synchronize the phone with your contacts stored on your computer for ultimate access to the contact information you need, when you need it. Then there's the voicemail. Rather than having to listen to each voicemail in chronological order, you can listen to your messages in whatever order you choose, just like you can in your email inbox. This phone even allows you to merge favorite numbers into one for a conference call. The iPhone is without a doubt the most technologically advanced portable phone available today.

Then there's the widescreen iPod. With a press of your finger, you can enjoy all your favorite entertainment, including videos, tv shows, movies, music and audiobooks. You can organize your content and browse your library quickly and easily. Select content by name or even album cover. With this fantastic iPod built right into your iPhone, you can enjoy top quality entertainment whenever and wherever you choose.

The Internet device may be the most impressive feature of all. You get a feature packed HTML email client as well as Safari. Safari is the most impressive portable device web browser you can get. It offers Google and Yahoo, and even synchronizes itself with the favorites on your computer. One of the most convenient things about iPhone is its ability to multitask. You can read email while downloading something and listening to musics, for example. iPhone is definitely the perfect gadget for anyone who needs a technologically advanced communication system loaded with fantastic features. iPhone is rumored to be released to the public on June 11, 2007.

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