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The Orange iPhone Deal-Miles To Go

The much awaited Apple iPhone is still to be released in the European market. The Orange and Apple Inc is still to go a long way to make certain negotiations regarding the introduction of the Apple iPhone. As per various sources it was still uncertain that the device won't reach the consumers till 2008, because of some French law which require various carriers to sell a particular version of the mobile handset which is not locked to its network.

But recent official announcements reveal that the Orange iPhone deal is likely to reach the consumers in France by 29 November. So what more! Festivals are still a month far! And you can also assume that some unlocked version of the Apple iPhone may be available too. It is also expected that Orange will be soon announcing the service plans with the Orange iPhone deals. However, a lot many rumours also looms around this hyped phone the Apple iPhone. Anyway as revealed to the International Herald Tribune by a spokesperson from Orange, an unlocked version of the phone will also be released along with the locked phone, which is likely to be more expensive.

Though nothing is clear, one thing is certain that introduction of Orange iPhone deal would really enable the users to acquire a phone like Apple iPhone which is a phone, a video player, a music player, an Internet explorer all-in-one. Apple iPhone includes almost all technical sophistications that a user requires.

Not to mention, Orange and Apple are having problems in coming to terms over licensing agreements. They are also trying to work out details on exclusive distribution rights also trying to workout everything within the French law which clearly states that consumers must have choices of purchasing the phone without a contract.

Really! The Europeans have to wait for some more time to have an Apple iPhone on hand, because there are still miles to go. Somewhere a ray of hope still exist that you won't be deprived this Christmas, because as the Telecom CEO of France, Didier Lombard said Orange would offer Apple iPhone in France before Christmas.

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