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Those who have been smeared by the Apple iPhone touch, I suppose they would have bought by this time. It was every where “Buy Apple iPhone” mass campaigning strategy added by the poking of the media which catapulted the whole image of the phone. Those who have bought the iPhone swayed by the aesthetic and above the box designing aspect of the phone, they must be in a very tizzy state. Since they might be finding very hard to customize themselves with the set.

They are having lots of queries. Here are few of them.

The first one is : Will iPhone work with my PC and Microsoft Windows that I am accustomed to?

The answer is : Yes. iPhone works with Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2), and Windows Vista. For more detail visit the apple iphone website.

The second one is : Can I use my iPhone internationally? As due to my business work I am always on wheel.

The answer is : The users of the phone iPhone doesn't have to worry about it, it is a quad-band GSM phone and it works around the world, without fail. A sign of note, before you travel, make sure that international dialing and roaming are enabled through AT&T and that the places you’re going offer GSM coverage. For more information visit AT&T help for more information.

The third question is : What email systems does iPhone support? It is of much importance since at this time it is one of the most powerful medium of comminication.

The answer is : iPhone supports the most popular email standards, that is IMAP and POP3. It is better that user check with their email provider to make sure the provider uses these standards. iPhone works with most popular email services, including Yahoo! Mail, Google Gmail, AOL, and .Mac Mail. Yahoo!.

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