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Download Music Onto iPhone - Find Out The Best Way To Do It Here

If you are looking to Download Music Onto iPhone then you have come to the right place, and the good news is you do not have to be a rocket scientist to do this! All you need is a good source for the music, a computer and an internet connection. This article will tell you the best ways to do this so read on...

To get started it is no so much different from the iPod and how you download music for that. In fact they are very similar in the way that you get music for them from the internet.

The first thing you need is a good source to get the music from. You can get music for your iPhone from a CD and then copy the music to your hard drive on your computer, then all you need to do is convert it into MP3 as this is the music type the iPhone uses. If you have used the web Download Music Onto iPhone from the web it should normally already be MP3 format.

To transfer the music to your iPhone from CD all you need to do is put the music CD in your computer's drive and then "rip" the tracks that you want one by one. You do not need a fast computer to do this and unless your computer is ancient you should be able to do this quite easily! Also if you need some ripping software to get the music tracks off the CD just do a quick search on Google as you can find this software free.

To get music from the web, you will obviously need an internet connection and the faster the better, although you can still download music with a dial up connection as well. Music downloads are not very big and normally weigh in about 3-4MB however if you are thinking of getting movies these can be very large and you will need broadband for these or have to wait a very long time.

Right, all you need is somewhere to download the music from and you will have to be a bit careful here! Of course there are peer to peer websites that will let you Download Music Onto iPhone but if you are thinking of using these then I would not advise it!

For one your computer could pick up a virus quite quickly using these sorts of websites and also a lot of them break copyright laws so they are illegal to boot. However you can find legitimate websites that offer unlimited downloads after you have paid a small membership fee. The fee is normally used for the upkeep of the website and you will get a constantly updated stream of media this way!

If you follow the above advice then you will not have any problems!

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