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The iPhone - Having Your Fingertips on Virtual Keys

Most people these days own a computer and are quite used to typing on keyboards. One of the greatest things that has been produced with the ever changing technology is the touch screen. Now with the iPhone you can have the advantage of both the keyboard and the touch screen as the iPhone allows you to have your fingertips on the virtual keys.

The days of sending text messages and finding the letters you need via the number pad are soon disappearing and with the iPhone you can type your text message just as you would on a computer keyboard.

Typing on a keyboard is certainly much easier than using the number pad to find your letters and it is even more easier having a touchscreen that automatically slides up from the bottom of the screen when you are inputing text.

Most of the other smartphones on the market have a physical keyboard and many users will be comfortable with this and may take a little bit of time getting used to the virtual keys. Once they have used the virtual keys for a little while though I'm sure it will become the preferred method and much easier to use than the physical keyboard.

The iPhone has a built in dictionary so if you make mistakes it is best just to keep on typing and your mistake will likely be corrected if the correct word is in the dictionary. The auto-correcting feature improves the more you use it as it learns the kind of words that you type.

Although I said that they touchscreen keyboard may take some time to get used to, that 'some time' is not very long at all and in no time your fingers will be flying over that virtual keyboard like it is second nature for you.

So what are you waiting for, if you don't have the iPhone which is the best in technology of the communication world, then you are really missing out on allowing your fingertips to type on the amazing virtual keyboard.

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