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How To Get Movie On Your Iphone

If you are wondering how to get movie on your iPhone, this article will hopefully show you the basics. The Apple iPhone is Apple's latest wonder technology, following on from the success of the iPod.

The iPhone has the capability of integrating telecommunications with media and the internet all in one small handy package, so demand is sure to be huge. Movies are only one part of the iPhone story, but it is a part that is sure to be of interest to most people who pick up an iPhone.

The iPhone is capable of storing and playing movies from either DVDs or the internet. In the case of movies from your DVDs, you have the added problem of how to get the movie on to the computer in the first place. The only good part of this is that you will not need to worry if you have a slow internet connection. You will need a software program, known as a "ripper", to transfer the movie from the DVD to your computer. The software must be capable of ripping to mp4, which is the format used by the iPhone.

If you're wondering how to get movie on your iPhone if you haven't got it on DVD, the answer will show you one of the most useful resources you can find on the internet. Assuming that you have an internet connection and a computer, you will need to be sure that the hard drive has enough space to take a full movie download. You will now need to find out where on the internet you can download these movies from. One caution that simply must be made is against the illegal P2P sites that so many people use, and have got into trouble with. As well as being against the law, P2P sites are a security risk, with the possibility of viruses and spyware.

There are very good cheap alternatives to P2P sites. Although you will have to pay a small fee to join, these sites are totally safe, and excellent value for money. The one off charge allows the site to maintain the servers, and keep up to date with the latest releases. There is a lot more than movies on these sites as well, but for now that is what we will concentrate on. Transferring a movie to your iPhone once you have downloaded it is very simple. You can just transfer it to your iTunes play list, and move it over from there.

Hopefully this article has shown you the basics of how to get movie on your iPhone. Check out the links below to find out the best download sites for your Iphone.

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