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Compact discs are amongst the most popular forms of storage available for computer users. Whether we buy new CDs or burn back up discs, the storage case in which the CD is stored is as essential as the quality of the CD itself. They usually take the form of jewel cases, or a brittle plastic that can break easily when too much pressure is applied; this way, the case and not the CD is what breaks.

CD cases are required to protect the data on the CD. If a CD is dropped, it may get scratched, crack or even break. Keeping the CDs in a case, however, will protect them from scratches and damage. There are many materials used to make CD cases. They may be classified as soft or hard cases. Soft CD cases are pouched designs in leather of plastic. Hard cases are made of molded plastic and offer more protection from impact. The most popular types of CD cases are CD jewel cases, CD plastic cases, CD visors, CD wallets, CD bubble mailers, DVD cases, and DVD folders.

Hard CD cases are known as jewel cases and are similar to audio CD cases. There are also folder-like CD cases that can store a very large number of compact discs. Also available are paper CD cases, which are paper thin, but offer protection from scratches and other surface damage.

It is recommended that one evaluates the specific needs and features required and compare with those available in each type of CD case, before purchasing one.

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